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Please consider downloading the app for School Intercom to your mobile phone to receive alerts and news pertaining to our classroom and Dixie Bee School. Information about this app was sent home in the Tuesday Folder. I will be sending classroom newsletters and periodic alerts through School Intercom this school year. Thank you!

Please check out my tab on the left for the Weekly Challenge.  For extra credit, your child may respond to my Weekly Challenge writing prompt. Written responses must be turned in by Friday of each week. Check back the following week for a new Weekly Challenge!! 

Welcome to Mrs. Thornton's Website!

 Beaglescouts climbing books. "Reading is an adventure that never ends". Argus                                 

Dear Boys and Girls,                          

    Second grade is such a busy year for us!  Look for a new spelling list each Thursday.  If you misplace your list, the words can also be found here on my website.  It will be important for you to study all week to be ready for your test the next Thursday.  Remember to review old spelling words for they can show up again in our dictation sentences.  Your Zip-loc book bag will go home with you each evening for nightly reading. Some days you will have a reading textbook to practice, and other days you will select a book from the classroom or library to read.  We only become better readers by READING! 

    The computers at Dixie Bee have Reading Counts quizzes available for you to take.  Books from our library that have a quiz available on Reading Counts are identified with sticker dots on the spine.  You will be able to take quizzes when we go to the computer lab on Thursdays.  Please try to take some Reading Counts books in your Zip-loc book bag so that you can prepare to take quizzes.

    Special classes are scheduled for our class as follows:

       Monday- Art (Ms. Henderson)

       Tuesday- Music (Mrs. Sabaini)

       Wednesday- Media Center (Mrs. Davis)

       Thursday- Computer Lab

        Friday- P.E. (Mr. Lonneman)

        Everyday Math is always challenging us to work on our math skills.  It is important that you gain greater "fact power" in working to memorize your basic addition and subtraction facts.  Remember to practice regularly with your fact triangles or with flash cards.  Also, check out the link on the left for online Everyday Math games to sharpen your skills.

    We should always strive to do our best.  Remember to come to school each day well rested and ready to listen, follow directions, and be a good classroom citizen.  Let's make second grade the best year ever! 

                                                Your teacher,

                                                Mrs. Thornton  






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