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 Need information on one of our PE activities?  Just click on the desired link.  A worksheet is also provided for many of the activities.  Test your knowledge!
Physical Education Requirements & Responsibility Statement  Download me! Download
Areas of Health-Related Fitness  Download me! Download
Muscular Strength-Muscular Endurance-Flexibility-Cardiorespiratory Endurance-Body Composition
Badminton Worksheet  Download me! Download
Badminton--Basic rules and information  Download me! Download
Basketball--Basic rules and information  Download me! Download
Basketball worksheet  Download me! Download
Basketball writing prompt--keeping score  Download me! Download
Bowling permission slip  Download me! Download
Floor Hockey information & rules  Download me! Download
Floor Hockey rules worksheet  Download me! Download
Flag Football--Pass for Points game  Download me! Download
Football writing prompt--catching  Download me! Download
Football writing prompt--throwing  Download me! Download
Frisbee throwing writing prompt  Download me! Download
Ultimate Frisbee basic rules  Download me! Download
Ultimate Frisbee writing prompt  Download me! Download
Line Dance Patterns  Download me! Download
Electric Slide--Cotton-Eyed Joe--Southside Shuffle
Soccer--basic rules  Download me! Download
Soccer writing prompt--dribbling & passing  Download me! Download
Softball--Basic rules  Download me! Download
Softball writing prompt--Tag out vs force out  Download me! Download
Tennis--Basic information  Download me! Download
Volleyball writing prompt--forearm passing  Download me! Download
Volleyball writing prompt--serving  Download me! Download
Volleyball writing prompt-Setting  Download me! Download
Volleyball writing prompt--Rotating  Download me! Download
Volleyball writing prompt--new rules  Download me! Download
Weight Room Workout sheet  Download me! Download
Includes all activities in our fitness center/weight room
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