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Member of the Western Indiana Conference
Brown County
Owen Valley
South Vermillion
West Vigo

2013 - 2014 WIC All-Conference Athletes

Boy's Sports
Girl's Sports
Sam McClain
Skyler Warnock
 Kylee Cardinal
*Cross Country*
*Cross Country*
 Jonah Eckert
Brian Becker
Justin Kump
Brady Cole
Michaela Rollings
Keisha Spillers
Blake Benefield
Michael Vermillion
Kyle Watson
Boy's Sports
Girl's Sports
Joe Creasey
Dakota Short
Boy's Sports
Girl's Sports

IHSAA Student-Athlete Tip of the Week

IHSAA Student-Athlete Tip of the Week (1-14-13)

"Providing education-based athletics in Indiana."

What makes a good student?  What makes a good athlete?  What makes a team better than others perceive it to be?

If you ask any educator the first question, you might get four or five quality answers.  The same can be said if you ask five coaches, what makes for a successful team?

However, if you are looking for a one word answer, I would offer the word preparation.  Students who prepare make better grades than those who don't.  Athletes who prepare put themselves and their teammates in a better position to be successful.

The next time you are looking for that quick fix, realize there isn't one.  However, if you are looking for one way to get started, focus more time and effort on preparation!

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Athletic Booster Club Scholarship

$500.00 Scholarship to
one male and one female senior athlete
See Mrs. Joy for Details

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