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We will be working from the McGraw-Hill Wonders program in reading which focuses on students ability to go back through a text and find "evidence" to answer questions and respond to writing prompts. Students will have 8 vocabulary words to study each week and will have a weekly vocabulary test. Students will also have a weekly Spelling test and Grammar quiz.

Sample Test Question:

Read the following sentences from the passage.

But he did not see a drop anywhere. The robin was

about to abandon all hope and give up trying to find

water, when he spotted a container.

Which word means almost the SAME as abandon in the sentences above?


a.fi n d




Weekly Selection Vocabulary
Reading Wonders Website http://connected.mcgraw-hil...
Please go to this site to see what we are doing in our REading series this week. Students can access online assignments by entering their user name and password which is their lunch number followed by "vcs"
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