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Now there is a way for you to receive text message and email alerts instantly when school is delayed, closed, or when there is severe weather!  HI-99 WTHI is partnered with your school district and superintendent to provide you with instant alerts.  All you need is a cell phone, email, or both.  If school is delayed, cancelled, or letting out early; you will know instantly.  You can even be alerted when severe weather is issued for your county!  This service will keep you in the know around the clock, and the best part:  IT’S FREE TO SIGN-UP (standard text rates do apply, based on your provider)!

Step One:
  From an internet accessible computer, go to http://hi99.com/text-alerts/ .  The sign-up screen will pop-up; read the information about all of the alerts offered.

Step Two:
  Scroll down on the sign-up page and fill out your Name, Time Zone, Cell Phone Number, Email, and Zip Code.  You will also select your cell phone provider.  Once you certify that you are at least 13 years-old, you may select as many of the alerts as you desire.  Remember that standard text rates do apply.  You may also change your alerts at any time.  The school districts are listed in alphabetical order.  You do not have to select every school in your district, you may select the school(s) that your child/children attend.  Once you have selected all of the alerts that you want, scroll to the bottom of the page and click “Continue”.

Step Three:
  There will be an activation page that pops up.  You will receive a 5-digit verification code on either your cell phone or in your email inbox in a few seconds.  Enter that code on the activation page, and you are successfully signed up!

You will receive alerts from your Superintendent and HI-99 as deemed necessary throughout the school year.  Your information will not be sold to a third party, and you will not receive spam through this service!  You may sign up as many members of your family with as many cell phones and emails that you need!  This is a free service and we hope that you will take advantage of it.  Thank you for participating and we will do our best to keep you updated in a matter of seconds throughout the year! 
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