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Title 1

    The Vigo County School Corporation's Title 1 Program is a federally funded program that provides additional resources in schools for instructional support.  It is supplementary to the regular curriculum and is  closely coordinated with the regular classroom instruction. The Title 1 Program began in 1965 when Congress passed the Elementary and Secondary Education Act. The No Child Left Behind Act helps guide the of implementation services in our schools.
    Our services are provided in eleven school-wide elementary sites, one school-wide middle school. We also provide services in two targeted assisted High Schools, one non-public school, and two institutions for neglected or delinquent children. Schools are determined to be eligible through an annual completion of target area statistics. Those schools whose poverty percentages fall above the county-wide average are eligible for Title 1 Services and those below are ineligible.
    The Title 1 staff is composed of Highly Qualified Teachers and Educational Assistants.  A Comprehensive Needs Assessment is completed each year to help prioritize specific needs at each school. An implementation plan is then developed to provide services to students in small groups and individually. State Standards and Corporation Goals provide the framework for instruction. Students receive assistance based on multiple assessments and  teacher or parent referrals.
    Family involvement is a key component in assisting in the education of all students and implementing the school improvement plan.

Title 1 Coordinator Administrative Secretary
Dr. Christi Fenton
Emily Kennedy
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