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General Information/School Rules


Nursery services are provided by A.L.L.  (Alternatives for Living and Learning, Inc.), a nonprofit organization.  Parenting students must place their children in the nursery while attending classes.  Parents have lunch with their children daily.  Due to insurance and safety reasons, parents are not permitted to leave the school grounds without their children.  A nominal compulsory fee is charged for nursery services.

Schedule Changes

Schedule changes will be kept to a minimum and only for valid reasons.  Schedule changes may occur only in the first two weeks of a trimester.

Textbook Rental

Students' book and instructional fees will appear on a copy of their schedules.  Please note:  All book and instructional fees are per trimester at Booker T. Washington High School.  Each semester a billing will be sent to the home address of fees due within approximately 3 weeks after the beginning of the semester.  Payment for these fees is made at the main office.  Please make all checks payable to Vigo County School Corporation and if paying in cash please have the correct change available.  Forms for assistance are available.  A form is given to each student at the beginning of the school year and at the time they enroll if a late enrollee.  If you feel your family may be income eligible for this assistance we encourage you to complete these forms and return them promptly to the school. 

The success of the book rental system depends upon the cooperation of all students.  Careless handling of books will soon break and tear the binding.  This means fewer years of use and an increase in rental costs.  Each student, therefore, is held responsible for the books rented.  A fine will be charged to those who lose or abuse school textbooks. 

Attendance Policy

Booker T. Washington High School meets 5 days per week and follows the same calendar as other VCSC schools.  All students, in order to receive maximum benefits from the educational programs of the Vigo County School Corporation, must be in attendance on all prescribed school days except those exempt by law or policies of the school corporation.  Unexcused absences from any class(es) can result in your withdrawal or expulsion from Booker T. Washington High School.  Students not complying with attendance policies will be withdrawn and referred to North, South or West Vigo High School, the G.E.D. Program or McLean Education Center.

The VCSC policies can be found in the student-parent guide for attendance and participation as provided by the school corporation.  This guide will be given to each student at the beginning of the school year. 

Booker T. Washington High School administration will hold a conference with students and teachers after a certain amount of days are missed that is deemed questionable.  An improvement plan will be made at that time to ensure that the student will be more successful in school attendance.

All absences should be reported to the school by 9:00 A.M.  The number to call is 462-4427.  The nursery office is 462-4349.  Parenting students are required to call the nursery if their children will not be in attendance.

Remember, you lose hours of class time for all absences due to doctor, dental, or legal appointments.  Make every attempt to schedule your appointments after 3:00 P.M.

Absences due to child delivery will be discussed with each individual student.  To be able to return to school after delivery, it is necessary to bring a written statement from the doctor stating that mother and/or child may return.

Students Under Eighteen Years of Age

Regular school attendance is a requirement for students under the age of eighteen.  The Attendance Department of the Vigo County School Corporation has specific rules that have to be followed, and they will monitor all students' attendance.  Poor attendance may result in being referred to the juvenile justice system.  Regular school attendance is one of the most important aspects of Booker T. Washington High School.

Tardy Policy

Students must get a late pass from their counselor or the main office before entering class.  If a student is late for class, he/she should go directly to his/her counselor's office for a pass.  The teachers will admit students to class, but the students should enter the class in a non-disruptive manner and be responsible for their own notes, etc, that were missed.  If a student has five tardies and his/her class grade is affected by the tardies, the counselor will be nofified and an arrangement will be made to review his/her schedule.

Make-Up Test

A student without an approved absence on the day of a scheduled test will not be allowed to make up the test.

Cafeteria Information

A breakfast and lunch program is available at Booker T. Washington High School.  Payment is to be made in the cafeteria when picking up your meal.  All food must be eaten in the cafeteria, or designated area.  Students desiring to bring lunch may, with permission, use the refrigerator in the Foods classroom.

Care of the Building

During the school day, as well as after-school activities, students are expected to treat the building and its contents with care and respect.  Students should remember they are setting examples for their children, so please show appreciation to the community by taking pride in the appearance and care of the building.  Help keep our campus attractive by picking up paper and litter.

Closing of School

In the event of inclement weather or another emergency, students should listen to the local TV and radio stations for school closing information.  Booker T. Washington High School closes when all other Vigo County Schools are closed.

NOTE:  Any lost school days are required to be made up.  These will be announced as needed.

Student Driving and Parking

Parking is permitted on the West side of the school.  Parking spots are marked BTW. 

Students may NOT go to their cars during the school day without the principal's permission.  If you drive to school, your car is subject to searches.

Personal Appearance

Personal appearance should not disrupt the educational process, call undue attention to the individual, violate federal, state or local health and obscenity laws, or affect the welfare and safety of the student or his/her classmates.  Public schools are supported  by local, state, and federal courts in determining acceptable dress to be worn during the school day.  But the responsibility rests with the student to know the school guidelines and dress accordingly.  Let what you wear be a class act that reflects pride in the first impressions you project.

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