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Fill out the required information below for each special education student enrolled in your classes this term.  The comment areas are optional and you can type as much information as you want in the additional comments section, it will space over to give you room. Tab or use your mouse to move from one field to the next. The clear button at the bottom will clear all data you have entered.
Please check your information carefully before hitting the submit button.

Progress Report
Special Education Mid-Period Progress Report
Six Weeks Period:*
Student's Name*
Classroom Teacher's Name*
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Teacher of Record*
Letter Grade*
No Absences Few Absences Absences are Affecting Grade
Positive Neutral Negative
Outstanding Good Poor Neutral
Improving Staying the Same Declining
Test Scores
Positive Negative Neutral
Complete Missing Few Missing Many
Is Progress being made toward academic goals?
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Do you want contacted by Teacher of Record?
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